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What are the costs to work with Graphics Empire on my project?


We feel that creating a successful brand for your business should be viewed as an investment and not a cost. Our up-front pricing is based on helping you develop a solid foundation for your brand (or project), which will amortize for years as your brand evolves. At the beginning of our engagement, we learn everything we can about your business, and the assignment, and give you a project fee estimate before working together. Our pricing generally falls in the middle of the branding firm scale, we’re not the least or most expensive. We pride ourselves in delivering strategic work, on time and within budget.


How long does it take to complete each project?

Each assignment is unique and therefore, timelines vary. In general, you can expect concepts and/or initial designs within 2-4 weeks after our discover and define phase activities are complete. We will set a schedule at the beginning of a project, based on your realistic deadlines, for full production of the work.


What if we have a limited budget?

Here at Graphics Empire we will work with you to determine the most effective way(s) to utilize your marketing budget as often as possible. We solve business problems and are not in the business of “upselling”. If it will solve the problem, we will recommend it, if not, we won’t. In the event the project is too small for us to handle, we will let you know up front and most often, refer you to someone better suited to your needs.


What are your hours that I can contact/reach you during the week?

We check emails minutely Monday – Friday: 9am – 10pm


We do not usually work on major holidays. We value work-life balance to stay fresh, so we plan ahead and work smart. We will check our emails on weekends if there is something urgent.


What are my responsibilities as the client?

It is important to put your trust in us by being forthcoming, allowing us to dive deep into your organization and your brand, to help uncover obstacles, solve business challenges and develop effective and creative solutions. In addition, it is our expectation that all key decision makers are involved in the process from the beginning to ensure a successful outcome.

How do I get started?


If you would like to get started, then you can go to our quote page and request a quote. Please be sure to give us as accurate information as you can in that quote form. Sometimes the project is small enough that we can reply with a price, but many times we will need to ask some follow up questions about your project in order to get the best, most accurate price possible.

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